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Cancer Disparities

Cancer disparities across ethnicity, gender, age. SCOR

Although cancer incidence and mortality overall are declining in the United States, certain groups continue to be at increased risk of developing or dying from particular cancers. Credit: iStock

Cancer affects all population groups in the United States, but due to social, environmental, and economic disadvantages, certain groups bear a disproportionate burden of cancer compared with other groups.

Cancer disparities (sometimes called cancer health disparities) are differences in cancer measures such as:

  • incidence (new cases)
  • prevalence (all existing cases)
  • mortality (deaths)
  • survival (how long people survive after diagnosis)
  • morbidity (cancer-related health complications)
  • survivorship (including quality of life after cancer treatment)
  • financial burden of cancer or related health conditions
  • screening rates
  • stage at diagnosis

Cancer disparities can also be seen when outcomes are improving overall but the improvements are not seen in some groups relative to other groups.

Population groups that may experience these disparities include groups defined by race/ethnicity, disability, gender identity, geographic location, income, education, age, sexual orientation, national origin, and/or other characteristics. Read more HERE.


Cancer Disparities was originally published by the National Cancer Institute.