Sarah Rosenfeld participated in a clinical trial for spinal cancer. SCOR, NIH, NCI

Fighting a rare central nervous system tumor with research and optimism

In January of 2016 and after months of suffering from what she thought was sciatica, 37 year old Sarah Rosenfeld was diagnosed myxopapillary ependymoma, a rare cancerous tumor in her spinal cord, following an MRI.  After a surgery that removed most, but not all of the cancerous tissue, Rosenfeld was told she would need to have regular scans to monitor the remaining tissue.  She sought a second opinion and was told a second surgery and radiation would be her best option for complete and total remission.  In addition, she enrolled in her surgeon’s natural history clinical study for central nervous system tumors.  A natural history study follows a group of people over time who have, or are at risk of developing, a specific disease. This study aims to better understand rare brain and spinal cord tumors and uncover areas for further research. >>read more