Bon Secours Richmond Offers Local Breast Cancer Patients Access to Clinical Trials

Finding a cure for cancer begins with a clinical trial.  SCOR member site Bon Secours in Richmond, VA is proud not only to offer patients access to national trials that are unavailable at other area hospitals but also to offer a full range of opportunities for patients who are seeking new ways to treat their cancer.  Dr. William Irvin is Director of Medical Oncology and Clinical Research for the Bon Secours Cancer Institute.  In this video, he discusses the team of specialists in all disciplines from oncologists and nurses to physical therapists and financial counselors who work with patients, as well as the wide variety of clinical trials in which breast cancer patients can enroll.

Clinical trials are not for everyone, and we recommend discussing the pros and cons with your oncologist. Because they are used to determine the safety and effectiveness of medications, devices and treatment regimens, there can be risks involved. However, many times research leads to breakthrough medical advances that can not only help you, but even change the course of treatment for generations to come.