Join the SCOR Member Community

Communities and physician requesting membership in the Southeast Clinical Oncology Research Consortium should consider the following points involved with membership:

  1. Why you or your organization wish to join the SCOR NCORP and how will your community and/or practice benefit from joining SCOR.
  2. What support resources will be available to assure timely compliance with research base administrative and data requirements (for example, oncology nurses, clinical research associates, and administrative support for IRB requirements).
  3. Prior cancer research experience of physician applicants, including prior or current membership in any other network group (for example, Alliance, CTSU, NRG, SWOG, URCC, WF).
  4. You will be required to adhere to the SCOR Bylaws and to the requirements of SCOR.

Please contact the SCOR Administrative Office for more information.

Please submit a Letter of Interest explaining the reasons for wanting to join SCOR, what strengths and contributions bringing to SCOR, organization’s infrastructure that will allow research participation, and goals or anticipated accomplishments with SCOR membership. Please address Letter of Interest to Susan Tuttle, RN CCRP at the SCOR Operations Center noted below.

Susan Tuttle, RN, CCRP
Southeast Clinical Oncology Research Consortium
Phone: (336) 448-1422